Saturday, January 31

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Auo's room, 12:00


This morning we got up late and now I am straightening the six creatures that live on Auo’s bed. This is a ritual that I have maintained since that fact is that, secretly, it used to be me who tidied them most of the time when she was alive. In the morning, while having breakfast before going to school, I would go into her room and tidy it for her. This ensured that we got out in time to catch the bus.

Sometimes she would point out that they were in the wrong order. Since the order changed and none of them had permanent positions, I never took much notice, other than to assume that the one whose position was “wrong” was obviously the one who was in her mind that morning.

Naa is at Roosa’s where the two of them have been celebrating Roosa’s twentieth birthday. Irma and I will spend much of the afternoon cleaning before going to Prisma to get the ingredients for tonight’s meal-

Irma will make an excellent variation on lasagne that will have no white sauce but a lot more cheese and tomato. It will be more than delicious. Naa will be home in time to join in eating it.