Wednesday, February 11

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Vartiokyläntie, 7:50


Neither Irma nor Naa needed to get up early this morning, so I got up and left on my own. When I leave the house and get outside I will find a bright orange dawn sky.

Erik will arrive promptly at 9:00 and we will work until 12:30, by which point we will have detailed four of the six modules in the course we are creating. We had intended to get two levels of detail for all six modules completed by Friday afternoon, with one or both of our names attached to each module. By lunchtime we will have this for the four modules, along with the third and final level of detail for all the sections in two of them.

We will join Nathalie and Tomas for lunch at Prakticum where today’s theme will be Greek. We will all have calamari for starters and I will have pork-on-skewers as a main course. While we are eating Nathalie will suggest that one of the modules Erik and I are designing could also serve as a module in the MA in Nordic Storytelling that she and Tomas are planning. We will be happy to discover that we are doing two things at once.

In the afternoon we will work out all the details of the fifth module, and begin work on the final one, before Erik leaves to put his tourist hat on, and I turn my attention to tomorrow’s class.

I will leave Arcada at 16:25 and slide cautiously over the ice to the tram stop. For some reason there will be an eleven minute wait for the next tram, and the queue will be unusually large.

I will spot a bus coming and race across the road and leap on it. This will be a mistake. The 52 does not go to Kalasatama as I thought, but turns right in entirely the opposite direction instead. I will have got it confused with the 55.

I will have the kind of mildly interesting twenty minute detour that could have got me thrown off The amazing Race .

On the 97V, at 17:25 when I have eventually reached Itäkeskus, I will see the same orange sky that I saw this morning.

This time it will be dusk.