Sunday, February 15

YEAR:  2015 | Tags:  | | | |

The garden, 12:00


I had a long strange dream. Lego had started making motorised frisbees that came in three pieces. The middle piece determined what actions they could perform. I was leading a workshop showing people how to customise them.

We woke just before midday. I have stepped outside into the bright sunlight. It is deceptive. Although the sky is bright blue and cloudless it is about one degree and I am cold within seconds.

After breakfast we will do nothing much until Naa arrives home about 16:00. We will however look at her Facebook pictures from yesterday evening’s Valentine meal, complete with two glasses of wine. We will also go for separate walks, and we will both discover that the ground is much slippier than it looks.

Later Auo’s box of Biggles books will catch my eye and i will look at one. By 20:38 I will have finished Biggles and the Secret Mission, and will be wondering whether or not to start a second one.

We will have also driven, on Irma’s whim, to see the Chinese statues in the centre.