Tuesday, February 17

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D399, Arcada, 16:00


Yesterday Naa found it very hard to sit at home and revise, as she had planned. She ended up sitting in bed eating Pringles instead. Today she decided to come with me to Arcada and sit at a desk there.

I spent the morning writing the first draft for the first online lecture for the MOOC Erik and I are creating. I got that, and several emails, finished by 11:45, when Naa and I went down to lunch.

This week Amica expect less staff and students, and there are correct. It is ski holiday week and some people are skiing. The result, as Naa noticed, is that the meals more closely resemble school food than usual.

In the afternoon Andrej and I held an extra session of the Social Gaming course to encourage the groups to formulate some ideas. Naa left for home at 15:00, having read and made notes for almost six hours. Now it is almost time to think about closing the session, my head is swimming, and all ideas seem to be mysteriously missing in action. Hello despair, here I come.