Wednesday, March 4

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Itäväylä, 17:20


Sunshine went wild at about 6:30 and I lay there listening to him dragging mats around until it was time to get up.

I spent the morning finishing the test movie for Storytelling and Experience Design. 

I sent a first version to Jutta, Mirko and Tomas at about 10:00 and then reworked it after getting comments back. By 13:00 I sent round the final version, which had more slides than the first version, and more of me live and in person.

I then spent an hour in a meeting about Nordic Storytelling and our new NordPlus partnership, before answering emails and getting ready for tomorrow’s all-day XML session.

Now I have got off the bus and crossed the road. Someone has planted a new road sign since I last looked; or I am looking at a sign I have failed to notice before. I stand and admire it until it the rain starts again.

In the evening I will do some ironing.