Friday, March 6

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Prisma, 19:50


I began the morning with a flurry of mail activity, answering Dave Morley, Juha Vartio, Mary Caulfield, Mal au Pixel, several students, and more. The news about the examining of my thesis is that there is no news.

I then sat down to begin scripting the second and third episodes of my contributions to the online course. I hit a major problem. The course has too much content.

I had an hour’s Skype chat with Erik. It turned out that he felt the same way. We went through the course in great detail and agreed that it was, in fact, two courses. We agreed to take the first (theoretical) half and make a course out of that.

This means that I will have to redo my first lecture, which makes me secretly happy. Everyone else may have liked it but I thought it could have been much, much better. Now it will be.

At 15:00 I hosted an online Nobanet WP7 meeting in which Anneli, Erik and I agreed our plan of action.

Now Irma and I are at Prisma. Irma is buying a bottle of wine in the Alko and I am waiting outside with the trolley. In thirty minutes we will be in Stockmann sampling free sushi.

Later we will watch an unrealistic reality show called Gigolos, about an unrealistic bunch of, erm, gigolos, who conveniently all live together. I will decide that the only two reality shows I have ever actually likes are Amazing Race and Survivor.

The only one I have ever really liked in the sense of liking-to-hate-it is Cheaters.