I have personally won…

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POSTED: August 24, 2006

According to Yahoo News today “Mainland China has opened its first halfway house for Internet addicts, offering shell-shocked teenagers counselling, books — and the use of computers. The shelter can hold four minors for one-night stays and help bridge gaps between children and parents, the Shanghai Daily said.”

Yes it is true: everything is a disease, and every disease can be cured. For some reason the previous sentence sent me to Google where I looked up Horace Bachelor and instead of finding an interesting dissection of his infra-draw method I found an article about pirate radio which is all very random.

However, if you do want to know about Horace Bachelor, then of course you can. Interestingly, though, for a man who was once Radio Luxemburg’s biggest advertiser, there is no photograph of him available online.

Ah, Radio Luxemburg: there is an area of cultural research…