Monday, March 9

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Outside Arcada, 15:00


Today was a day in which wherever I was, and whatever I was doing, I should have been somehwere else doing something different at the same time.

Naa and I got up at 7:00 and left early because her first real exam was today. Fortunately it was Finnish Composition, which is something she loves and excels at. It seemed to go very well.

I spent the morning rewriting the syllabus for the summer course, based on the new draft Erik sent me yesterday. While doing this I dealt with several student issues: two by rapid emailing, and the others by people barging into the staff room and interupting me.

I had a tutorial meeting about an MA thesis while waiting for another meeting that could only be fitted in by eating lunch while talking. The lunch was Mexican corn and vegetable ragout which bore a close resemblance to International Stew Stuff.

At 13:15 I listened to the Social Gaming presentations, while trying to fix the Omtänk design group’s ftp problems. The presentations went better than I had expected. The ftp issues refused to go away.

Now I am outside Arcada getting fresh air. I have noticed that the sun is out and the sky is bright blue, and I have come to investigate.

Later I will arrange to redo my first lecture on Friday morning, and begin tidying up the script for the second, while waiting for the students to finish working on their presentations, following Andrej and my critique.

In the evening I will change a lightbulb and read.