Thursday, March 12

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Tallinninaukio, 16:30


This morning Naa rested while I went to work. She joined me at Arcada later in the morning, while I was teaching.

From 9:15 till 12:00 I completed Block 2 of the Structuring Information course. Today we looked at the principles behind XSLT, and as I walked the students through an increasingly complex set of prepared examples I could see their eyes glazing over.

At 12:30 Naa and I had lunch: salmon for me and chicken drumsticks for Naa.

In the afternoon I alternated between helping Naa with her English Language revision, and rewriting the scripts for the first two online lectures. I also wrote detailed roadmaps for two courses starting in the next couple of weeks.

Naa left early and I left shortly after her. Last night my reading glasses broke and so I am going to Tiger to get some new ones.

The day has been very bright and as I come out of the metro and turn round the low, late afternoon sun is dazzling. This is the kind of weather you don’t get in England.

I will get my glasses for 4€, and go home to read through some English essays that Naa has written as practice.

In the evening I will pack for England and shower. I will also clear another small mountain of Spring gravel from both entrances.

Spring, then, is definitely here.