Tuesday, March 17

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Kamppi, 12:30


Naa was planning to get up late this morning and then take her calculator to school to check it in for tomorrow’s maths exam. All the students’ equipment has to be examined for secret formulae.

I went to Arcada to catch up, and got a phone call to say that Naa had full-blown fever. I said that I would go home, collect the calculator, take it to her school, and give it to Sampo to give to the maths teacher.

I did this and everything went smoothly until I got to Kamppi to get the number 18 bus to the school. I saw the bus coming and ran. The bus passed me and stopped. I ran faster and when I was alongside the bus it pulled away.

The driver could not have not seen me, and I was furious. I looked ahead and saw the traffic lights were turning red. I raced after the bus, and the same thing happened.

I decided to keep running but the bus gained and I stopped. Then I noticed that the lights at Bulevaardi had turned red, so I ran like mad straight over Bulevaardi and I was almost at the next stop when the bus stopped, let someone off, and tried to pull out. 

It was stopped by passing traffic, and I ran up and banged on the door. Eventually, still trapped by a brief traffic jam, the driver let me on. He looked straight ahead. I stopped by him and said, “Se ei helppo, idiotti”.

His mouth twitched in a slight smile and I sat down.

Now I am back in Kamppi, mission accomplished. I will stop at Burger King for a perfectly acceptable vegetable burger and soda water.

In the afternoon I will deal with the Omtänk web site. The students are stuck, because they do not understand the php. I will look at the theme they are using and point out that if they had read the documentation they would have realised that it already did everything that they wanted it to do.


When I get home the weather will still be bright and warm. I will go for a lengthy walk, before coming home for a shower.