Wednesday, March 18

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Arcada, 17:00


Today Naa got up early, stuffed herself full of medication and left for her maths exam. She was so confused, ill and nervous that she mistakenly thought he had left her buss pass at home. I paid her bus fare, and then she found her pass in her bag where it usually is.

I spent the whole day with the first CMS workshop. I took an hour out to record a second lecture for the Transmedia course. While I was doing it I re-recorded the first lecture yet again.

Now I am going home. All day we have been working to the accompaniment of high volume power drilling. This is why.

The Expedition Arcada project begins soon. A team of Arcada students will be filming a man in a wheelchair climbing a mountain. This is a climbing route from the second to the fifth floor for the team to practise with.

In the evening I will receive an email with the report from the first of the two external examiners for my doctoral thesis. It will make me very happy for two related reasons. Firstly the report is all I could have hoped for. Secondly the mere existence of the report moves things forward.

Now I wait for the other one.