Thursday, March 19

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Robust North, 17:10


Naa stayed at home in bed today, and I got up at 7:30. 

I spent the morning reading and preparing. I then began to make new slides for my presentation tomorrow, when the Web Analysis course begins.

At 14:45 I left with Liisa for a meeting at Robust North in Kallio. They wanted to know where we had got to with our ideas about using Arilyn. They showed us the new online nanager for it, and we talked for a couple of hours.

Now we are leaving. Liisa’s husband has appeared to drive us home. They live in Borgå, and so they pass within 50 metres of home.

Naa has applied for a number of summer jobs. At home I will learn that Naa’s interview at midday went very well, and she might well be spending summer as a city gardener.

She will really like that, and I hope she gets it.