Monday, March 23

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Odense station, 10:10


I got up just before 5:00 and washed and dressed as silently as possible. I remembered to take the breakfast sandwich that Irma had made and stood outside at 5:10, just as the taxi arrived.

By 5:37 I was through security and walking down the corridor to Gate 17. Norwegian is always remarkably smooth and this time was no exception. I sat on the plane making notes and using the free wifi.

The plane was half empty. The train from Copenhagen to Odense was completely full and the wifi was not free, so I carried on making notes.

Now I have arrived and I am standing on the station platform, trying to remember where the taxi rank is. In three minutes time I will be in a taxi, and in ten minutes I will be at Lillebaelt Academy wondering where to find Erik.

We will spend the whole day agreeing on a revised curriculum, going through the process lecture by lecture. By the time I get back to the city centre I will be in need of sleep.

I will delay this long enough to eat out at the local McDonalds where I will be the only person not getting a student discount.