Wednesday, March 25

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Odense, 13:00


I checked out of the Cabinn this morning and took my suitcase with me.

When I got to EAL this morning, by taxi because I still had not worked out the bus routes, Erik had decided that he needed to re-record his lecture. He had realised in the evening that he had spoken about an Audi 4, when he meant an Audi 3.

Off we went again into the green-screen room.

This time everything worked much more smoothly and it proved to be worthwhile because Erik’s delivery was much more convincing after what turned out to be yesterday’s rehearsals.

Erik was not sure what time the university restaurant stopped serving lunch, but whatever time it was they had stopped by the time we arrived. Never fear, he said: this gives us an excuse to go to Burger King.

Here we are in a Burger King somewhere in a shopping park. We have passed Ikea, Stadium and Lidl amidst other stores I don’t recognise. I am having an Angry Whopper meal, so called because it contains jalapenos and chillis. They must be the world’s tamest jalapenos because I can’t taste them.

I can, however, see two ducks walking up and down right outside the window. I ask Erik where they have come from and he has no idea. There is no water nearby.

When we get back I will attempt to show Erik how to make the backgrounds for the lecture in Photoshop. I will realise that, as he puts it, his competences do not include Photoshop. Or Premiere for that matter. Having tried to show Erik the workflow I have developed for making the backgrounds, under the false impression that he will understand what I am talking about, I will then have to unteach him everything I have just shown him, and start again, one tool at a time.

Erik will turn out to be much better at remembering the things I am now trying to get him to forget than learning any of the things I am now trying to get him to remember.

When we have finished for the day Erik will drive me to his house which is in a small village called Kølstrup about 12 kilometres from Odense. We drive through several small villages with old wooden houses, plain churches and at least one castle.

We will be greeted by his wife Tove who will have cooked a delicious Moroccan lamb dish. She is a nurse and needs to be up at 5:00, Erik is tired from his recording adventures, and I am just tired, so we will finish the evening early.

By 22:00 I will be in a very comfortable double bed in the guest room. The bed is about three times the size of the one at the Cabinn. I will fall asleep almost instantly.