Wednesday, April 1

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Home, 18:30


Today I spent all day with the CMS group, who are all over the place. Some seem to have little idea of what is going on, while some have turned into dedicated Wordpress themers, and at least one has taught herself Bootstrap.

In the morning we went through underscores, the starter theme, and did a couple of exercises. In the afternoon I told them about yhe good ideas I had had yesterday, and suddenly they didn’t seem so good.

Towards the end of the day I solved several obscure problems that had been plaguing some of the class, before collapsing over a cup of tea.

Now I am at home, looking around for photogenic furniture.  Oh, look, I have found some.

Irma is about to take an unwanted PlayStation 2 to the recycling centre. In a few moments Naa will arrive back from the centre where she has been selling her old school books and then hanging around with Roosa.