Thursday, April 2

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Arcada, 13:00


I spent all day with the Structuring Information group, who began exploring the process of making their own e-book, after I had spent a couple of hours going through what we did at the last session in much more detail.

At noon we stopped for lunch, and now I am walking down the corridor back to the room. I can see the climbing frame in use for the first time, as various students try their hands at scaling a wall: something they will need to do up the side of a real mountain for the Expedition Arcada project. To get an idea of the scale involved, I am watching this from the end of the corridor on the third floor.

In the afternoon I will receive an email telling me that the second external examiner has reported on my thesis, and he too shares that opinion that it is a work of unparallelled genius. I may be reading between the lines a bit here, but that is the impression I got. This may, of course, be an example of “what you see is what you want”.

The class will finish slightly early, because everyone is keen to start the Easter holiday. I will permit this because I am keen to start the Easter holiday.