Saturday, April 4

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Riskutie, 15:30


I had a shower before breakfast, and then vacuum-cleaned the house. After that Naa left to go to the cinema with Sampo.

I left for a long walk. I began by taking our old television to Tarku, who will use it in their summer house. Now I am walking down Riskutie past an old shell of a house that might have been derelict when Finland became independent.

I will walk for a couple of hours. When I get back Juha will have answered my mail, telling me what I need to do next to complete my doctorate. 

Irma will have checked us in for tomorrow and will leave for Prisma as soon as I return. When she has finished shopping we will do some gardening. The weather will threaten to rain without actually bothering to do it.

I will finish Biggles Follows On,  another of the novels in Auo’s box set. This one features his arch-enemy von Stahlein, although by this time in the nineteen fifties they have a gentlemanly respect for each other. This one also has Gimlet King, star of another of W.E. Johns’ series, in it with his commandoes.

In the evening it will suddenly start snowing. I will wait to take the paper to the recycling box until it has stopped, which it does as suddenly as it started.