Thursday, April 9

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The sea off Barcelona, 13:00


Yesterday evening we gave in and sampled a box of the 58c white wine, which I calculated as costing 43.5 cents a bottle. It was far from the worst wine I have ever drunk, and was in fact very drinkable.

This morning I can notice the wine-drinking a little. However I can notice the effects of walking up hills for the last two days much more. After walking twice up to the highest point at Parc Güell yesterday, I can hardly get my knees to work at all.

Fortunately we have decided to go on a boat trip to see the shoreline. We walked to Port Vell and got a ninety minute trip on a big catamaran. We sit and watch the harbour give way to beach.

I discover that you can climb into the actual catamarans, which have large underwater windows. Now we are on the way back and I am looking at the long beach.

We will disembark to discover a Spanish band playing. One of the competitors in the Barcelona round-the-world boat race is due to arrive in a couple of hours, after ninety something days at sea. They are representing, and Naa and Irma will be given balloons.

Irma will do some shopping in the mall, and then we will carry the bags home and have a snack. After that we will walk to the big covered market where we will wander around looking at fish, cheese, meat and vegetables. We will see whole octopus and vegetables I don’t recognise.

We will eat pies and Spanish omelette, and lots of drink fresh juice at 1€ a glass. I will start with banana and coconut and finish with mixed berries.

Later in the evening Irma will do almost all the packing. We will go to bed early.