Saturday, April 11

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Linnanherrentie, 12:30


Everyone had a long, recuperative sleep. I got up at 11:30. The others got up later.

Once everyone was up I changed the sheets, and then went for an invigorating walk. The weather is almost as warm as Barcelona and the sky is an almost cloudless blue. Now I am about to walk back into the woods. 

The quality of light is different from Barcelona, as are the range of colours and the length of the shadows. The sun here is hot but low in the sky. The blue of the sky is not the same blue as Barcelona.

In the afternoon, after a brunch of Spanish vegetables, meats and breads, and some fantastic Dutch cheese, we will do some work in the garden. I will unwrap the summer seat and take down the summer chairs. Irma will weed. Naa will brush. Sunshine will happily roll around in the garden.

Later Irma will go to Prisma and I will vacuum clean. I will upgrade my iPad to iOS 8.3 which appeared when we were in Barcelona.