Saturday, April 18

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Plantagen, 16:00


I went for a long walk and had a shower before brunch. I then joined Naa in doing some cleaning. The weather was warm and Sunshine wandered in and out of the house.

Now Naa has gone to Itäkeskus to meet an old friend, and Irma and I have walked to Plantagen. Now, unsurprisingly, we are looking at plants. We are actually looking for a trowel but we won’t find one made by Fiskars.

Soon we will go to Prisma where we will find a Fiskars trowel. We will also buy two small bottles of Coke Zero, and some other things. Since there is 15% off most things today “some other things” will include a large wooden chest for keeping outdoors and storing things like trowels in.

In the evening, when Naa is back, Irma will improvise a chicken dish in yogurt while pretending to comment on it in the style of Rick Stein. It will taste delicious.