Monday, April 20

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Metro, 14:40


This week I have almost no teaching, so I had made plans to catch up on everything else. When I got to ARcada, and had caught up on my mail, I sat in a corner and began writing the next one or two online lectures.

At 11:30 I recorded my third lecture and this time, after three false starts, I recorded it in one take. The whole recording process took about twenty minutes for a ten minute lecture, which means that the workflow is starting to work.

Now I am in the metro on my way back from the centre. I have been at an Omtänk meeting at which nothing was accomplished that couldn’t have been done in a ten minute Skype call. It did get me out of the building though, and I did get to read on the tram.

Further along the metro carriage I can see a small dog in a big hood looking round.

I will go back to Arcada, do some more writing, and then leave for home. Naa will be at her journalism course when I arrive, and I will remake the garden path that I made yesterday. Irma and I will gather all the sand we put under bushes last week and I will take up all the tiles and sprinkle sand down.

Irma will be surprised by my tamping prowess as I use a plank to flatten the surface without making it too hard. I will then spend a couple of hours laying and testing the tiles one by one. By the time Naa arrives home it will be almost done. I will declare it acceptable but not excellent. Making a perfectly smooth sand track on top of roug and uneven ground is an art that requires practice and I made need to re-lay the path several times before I have had enough practice to do it perfectly.

Or I may just leave it as it is.