Friday, April 24

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129 Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, Paris, 18:15


I said goodbye to Naa last night, and to Irma this morning just before I left, suitcase in hand.

I spent the morning with the First year in the Web Analysis & Social Media class, discussing privacy and online friendship. We rehearsed the concept of social pooling, which I will be talking about tomorrow.

After the class I finished my slides for tomorrow’s lecture and uploaded them to Dropbox. Then I left Arcada.

I read the new draft of Anna’s thesis on the tram and bus and then, once I was through security, we had a telephone tutorial. I then phoned Naa, and left a Happy Birthday message on Facebook for Luke. I looked for Albert, who is supposed to be on the same flight as me, but didnt find him.

I still hadn’t found him when I phoned Irma from the plane, just before switching the phone off. I eventually found Albert fast asleep with headphones on in the middle of the plane when I decided to leave my seat and walk up and down. Since I was at the back in 32D the walk took in the whole aircraft.

When we landed, and Albert had got his luggage, we started the train adventure. We asked at the Info Desk which train we should take. Any, apparently. We queued about fifteen minutes for a ticket machine. We went down to platform 11 and 12 to wait. After fifteen minutes the notice on the screen changed. Due to an electrical fault at Gare du Nord there will be serious delays. Almost an hour later our train arrived.

It took us some time to find the house, which is an unmarked door in a busy shopping, eating and drinking street. Once inside we got the keys from a neighbour and went inside.

The apartment is very nice and very Parisian. It already contains an inhabitant in the form of a very lively young cat called Choco.

By the time we have looked around it will be 20:55. The performances, which are allegedly fifteen minutes walk away, began at 20:00, so we have the choice of walking there or eating. We will walk across the road to a kebab shop and have a kebab and a can of beer, while getting involved on a televised French soccer match. The team everyone serving and eating kebabs supports will lose 5-4.

Before going to bed we will spend an hour figuring out the wifi, which is more convoluted than one might imagine.