Tuesday, May 5

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A306, 15:00


Naa had cycled to the metro, on her way to Stara, before I even woke. When I left at 7:45 the day was colder than yesterday.

I started the morning by writing to everyone informing them of the current status of my doctoral thesis. I wanted to thank the external examiners and make sure my opponent didn’t accept another offer for the last week in August.

Then Otso came round and we spent and hour or more going through the Arilyn control panel, until he was certain that I could use it properly. After this I noticed that my Lynda.com control panel now shows Lynda Campus, so our new accounts must be in action. I noted that I must contact Johan about this before other people contact me.

I persuaded one student to finish their thesis rather than leave without a degree, read another thesis and answered some more questions, and got the papers together for a book examination tomorrow morning.

Now I am wandering around the office looking for inspiration. I am never sure if these plants are fake or not. The fact that they haven’t been watered in two years might be a clue.

I will start work on redesigning this site, using the Gridiculous framework, just to experiment with it. After an hour I will stop, for a meeting with Jutta, but it will be enough to convince me that I will explore it more in a couple of weeks.

In the afternoon it will have rained briefly. By the time I leave it will have stopped again. I will find this vaguely irritating since I need a couple of days of dry, warm weather so that I can finish painting the terrace.