Saturday, May 9

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Sundö, 15:00


AFter brunch Irma and I packed an old bed-frame into the back of the car. This meant that I had to seat in the seat behind Irma and so, packed in the car like this, we set off for Sundö. Naa stayed behind to go to the cinema with Olivia.

We stopped in Borgå to buy candy and then delivered the bed to Naa’s hut at the summer house. We spent an hour or more clearing fallen branches and emerging bamboo from the garden. I was pleased to note that the grass / bamboo ration has completely switched over the last couple of years. There is now grass all the way to the back with a few sticks of bamboo making a tentative appearance.

We met Ville on the ferry over and chatted with Camilla and Mika, and now we are getting ready to leave again. We will wander over to the sheep in the barn to find Mika and create the loudest sheep choir that I can remember hearing.

In the evening Irma will make a box with Camilla’s lamb, and Naa will return from having watched a live-action version of Cinderella.