Wednesday, May 13

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Shower room, 18:00


Sunshine woke me at 7:00 to point out that it was morning. I got up and fed him, let him out, and then washed and fed myself. By the time I was ready to leave the house Sunshine was back.

This was not unconnected to the fact that it had been pouring with rain most of the night and was still drizzling. I wiped his paws before letting him into the house, and locking him in Naa’s room.

I spent most of the day with the remaining members of the CMS class, and by the middle of the afternoon everyone had completed their projects to a pleasingly high standard. They ranged between very good and excellent, so I was prepared to forgive the few who had not turned up or handed a project in yet. This was my penultimate class for this academic year and so I will deal with them next week.

I had to wait until 16:00 because I had scheduled a tutorial for an MA student at that time. Her thesis is completed and so the tutorial did not last as long as the previous ones. Once I had persuaded her that the thesis was in fact complete there was nothing much left to discuss, except the practical arrangements for her presentation.

It was raining quite heavily when I got off the bus, and I decided a quick shower was in order when I got home. Sunshine wanted to go out until I opened the door and it saw the weather. Then it turned its thoughts to food and wanted feeding.

Now I am in the shower room. The sun has suddenly come out again and light is pouring through the window.

I ate a large lunch of whitefish fillet and steamed vegetables at Arcada so I will not be very hungry. When I am dry again I will therefore make a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea.

I will spend some of the evening working on the mobile-first version of this website. I have been planning it for months, and I spent much of the day working on it, while the students were working on their projects. I am using the Gridiculous framework and the underscores base theme, and I will have got a long way before bed time.

When I go to bed it will be raining heavily again, and surprisingly cold. I will wish I was in Split with the others.