Wednesday, May 20

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Stora Auditoriet, Arcada, 14:30


Today is the first of three days of urvalspröv: the Media Culture entrance examination at Arcada. Today everyone gets a range of tests, and tomorrow and Friday the ones who don’t drop out will get interviewed.

I began the day with a flurry of mailing activity. I emailed Eija about our workshop plans for Nobanet. I answered an email from Juha confirming that the committee had formally agreed my opponent and the date of the combat. I sent three mails to get the organisation of the day underway. I found a Lynda account for someone who needed it right now.

I emailed Lynda about our final choice for a registration system: manual entry, fact fans. Manual registration will be a lot of tedious work but not as long or as tedious as manually correcting all the problems that will be caused by a self-registering system that will be abused or misunderstood by hundreds of people.

Then I joined the Media team in the large auditorium where I invigilated the essay exam. After that we all announced ourselves and spoke briefly about our courses.

Everyone had lunch with the students, sitting prominently so that the applicants could ask us questions. Nobody asked anybody anything.

Now I am in the auditorium again, invigilating three rounds of a general knowledge multiple choice questionaire. In round 1 someone points out that a spelling mistake renders question 32 impossible to answer. In fact two of the four answers to the question are misspelt and that is what renders it invalid.

We cancel question 32.