Thursday, May 21

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Itis, 20:30


It was pouring with rain and very cold when I left the house with an umbrella above my head.

Jutta and I spent the morning interviewing four applicants, and then we went to China Favor for lunch. It wasn’t as good as the buffets on Monday and Wednesday. We decided that we must remember this next time.

We spent the afternoon interviewing another five applicants. None of them were hopeless or obviously unsuitable. We will have some difficult decisions to make tomorrow.

It was sunny when I left Arcada, and hot enough to make me feel uncomfortably overdressed.

Now I am with Irma in Itis. We are beginning the process of organising Naa’s graduation party. We are going in and out of various specialist shops. We will end up at the Alko in Stockmann trying to decide which sparkling wine to choose.

Irma will decide that pink would be nice. Erik at the Alko will recommend two, and we will take one of each to test.

One will taste like a sparkling Upcider, and the other will taste like its not-too-distant cousin. We will opt to get a sparkling wine the colour of sparkling wine.