Saturday, May 23

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Kaiseniemen puisto, 15:30


I got up about 10:39 and went for a very brisk thirty minute walk. Then I did some Saturday morning cleaning.

Just after midday Naa and I left for World Village. The weather had been grey and overcast but while we were on the metro it brightened up and we walked to Kaivapoisto in bright sunlight.

Janna was on when we arrived. It was not very crowded and we watched from near the front. We had some food from the Cameroon, and then Naa went to find Päivi.

Now Naa is back and we are both watching Tsuumi Sound System, who remind me of the Penguin Café Orchestra, if they had a muscular rhythm section. We both love them and we are both separately reminded that Auo would have loved them too. The double-bassist plays it like a cello some of the time and is flambuoyant all of the time. Auo would have been entranced.

Afterwards we will watch Ba Cissoko, whose guitarist reminds me of Eddie Hazel, when he isn’t playing high life rhythm guitar. Naa will love their hyperactive drummer.

Finally we will walk to the book stall and other stalls in Rautatientori. I will notice that Haaga Helia have a street-food van staffed, presumably, by their catering students.

In the evening we will watch the Eurovision Song Contest. The Finnish entry, PKN, fell at the semi-finals because the former Russian states thought they were ugly and inappropriate. Finland completely disagrees.

The contest will be won by Sweden with a song I will hardly remember by the time I go to bed.