Sunday, May 24

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Garden, 15:00


After brunch I sawed some unnecessary wood into logs and then unscrewed the shoe cupboard from the wall. Irma went to buy some paint while I vacuum-cleaned five years worth of dust balls from the space where the shoe cupboard was.

Now Irma and Naa have gone to visit Irma’s father and I am going to finally give the floor of the terrace a second coat of oil. Looking over the back of the garden I see bright blue skies with little fluffy clouds. When I tuen round and look in the other direction I see a solid block of dark grey clouds. I get the oil out and just as I do it the dark grey block moves forward and it starts raining heavily.

I think that I might just give up and accept that one coat of oil is all the floor is going to get.

Later, when Irma returns, I will take the shoe cupboard to pieces and paint the various sections white. Twice.

In the evening Naa will explain to us about the nature and extent of the bullying that she and Roosa have experienced at their school over the last four years. At Steiner schools, she will explain, the bullying is just less immediately visible. I will be very proud of herself for not internalising this, for not letting herself become convinced that it is her fault, and for standing her ground.

Finally, after large helpings of Irma’s spicy tuna pasta, we will have showers and go to bed early.