Monday, May 25

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Itäväylä, 8:20


The weather is sunny again today: very sunny but still not hot. I got up and painted a third coat on the shoe cupboard, since I will be out late tonight. Now I am at the bus stop and the bright green rubbish bin is dazzling me. The bus will come in about five minutes.

In the morning I will attend to my normal Arcada business and at lunchtime I will join the Nobanet conference. Erik will be there, and the Icelandic women will announce that they walked from their hotel to Arcada. Their hotel is on Mannerheimintie, halfway between the Opera House and Kiasma. It took them ninety minutes, including the time they were lost.

We will spend the afternoon in the opening sessions, and then we will have our dinner. Tonight’s dinner will be at Arcada and it will resemble one of the better lunches with added wine. I will have chicken.

I will get home shortly after 21:00 and assemble the shoe cupboard. This will involve shaving off some of the painting in order to allow room for everything to fit together. It will look nice when it is back in place, though.