Tuesday, May 26

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C352, Arcada, 14:20


Today is the second day of the Nobanet conference. It was summer-hot this morning, and it finally felt like late May.

We spent the morning looking at cross-border assignments. I slipped out when everyone went to watch a student thesis presentation. I needed to make arrangements for Friday’s MA presentations. 

While I was doing this Jutta tried telling me about a Skype meeting Fred wants tomorrow, Mats wanted to talk about one of the MA theses, and Irma phoned me to point out that I had not got air-miles from my flight back from Paris.

I can’t make the Skype meeting, there is nothing to say about the thesis, and Irma is completely correct about the air-miles. And when I got back nobody had seen the student presentation anyway, because the room had been changed.

Lunch was the huge sausage that Naa likes so much, if you were me; and grilled salmon, if you were anybody else.

Now the afternoon session is underway. I am looking at Vera and Hafdis from Iceland, Erik from Odense, and Māris (who is new) from Latvia. What a lot of sockets are in use, I might, or might not, be thinking.

We will finish the afternoon session an hour early. I will be waylaid by Jutta’s class on the way back to my room, and spend forty minutes helping them with random html and css problems as they race to get their web magazine online by tomorrow. It will be a moment’s adrenaline rush and it will feel helpful.

The extra hour will enable me to get everything prepared for tomorrow and still have time to go home for a shower. Which is exactly what I will do.