Tuesday, June 2

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Hameentie, 14:40


On the way to work I had a thought about my thesis. Specifically I had a sudden and very clear idea about how I could change another section towards the end to meet Rob Fisher’s suggestions while helping tie the third section more closely to the first section.

The trams were all diverted at Vallila church because of whatever you call roadworks-on-tramlines, and so I walked down to Arcada past where we used to live. The paths were very green and our old apartment had the balcony glazed.

Once at Arcada, I set about rewriting a section of the thesis, and then carried on making backdrops for the online lectures, which I will edit and package tomorrow.

I had sausage casserole for lunch, while rereading the final section of my thesis.

At 14:00 I had a meeting with Pia and a student designer at Aalto’s bookshop to discuss the publication of my thesis. We agreed to have a pdf and 100 physical copies. This will leave enough in the budget for Hanna to produce a good cover using Peter Saville as her point of reference.

Now I have left the building to discover that a new hipster street-food truck has appeared in the park opposite Aalto. I stand looking at it for a few minutes and decide that I like the design of the truck.

Once I am back at Aalto I will realise that I can now lose 300 hours of teaching in the autumn because I will get 150 hours to manage our Lynda accounts and 150 hours of oversee the Nobanet e-learning project. Quite possibly there will be more of this to come too.