Saturday, June 6

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Tarkis, 13:00


We have had breakfast, the cat is out, and we are on our way to Sundö.

As we pass through the tiny village of Tarkis, where the only shop used to have a huge notice on its side wall saying “Olutta joka päivä” which means beer every day and used to make us chuckle every time we passed it, we notice a village fete. WE stop. Next to the fire engine, which is the central attraction, are two vintage cars. One is a Cadillac from the thirties. The other is a 1958 Oldsmobile. There is nothing in the Oldsmobile that is not covered in chrome.

I will look at it and point out that they should just have stopped designing cars at that point. The job was done.

We will spend the afternoon mowing and weeding, and getting things ready for summer. As we do the weather will turn from sunny but windy to cold and wet. It will start to rain and we will call it a day.

We will get the 17:00 ferry back to the mainland.