Tuesday, June 9

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Fields miles away, 18:45


I spent the morning editing one video while writing the script for the final one. This at least assured that there would be some continuity between them.

It is a good job my head is filled with nonsense and cultural trivia because while I was scripting the video it occurred to me that The Invaders would provide a perfect example as well as interesting visuals.

I found complete episodes online so I was able to capture my own stills rather than relying on existing images.

After lunch I recorded the video. We did three one-minute warm ups to get the speed of the autocue right and then I did it in one take.

I spent the rest of the afternoon making images and adding them to the Premiere project.

Now I have been home, said hello, and set off on a long, energetic walk. I have ealked for an hour through some places I had never seen before. I am back on familiar ground and pausing to photograph some dandelions.

Later I will have a cup of tea and a shower.