Friday, June 12

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Garden, 19:30


This morning I went to work completely relaxed. I didn’t have to finish everything today. On the metro I turned what I needed to get done into a series of events in my diary (Pocket Informant, fact fans), leaving enough time to do everything properly.

I should be finished in time to start a holiday next Thursday with nothing hanging over me.

The first thing I did was download Erik’s final video. By 10:00 I had all the videos ready and an hour later Mirko had them on YouTube production channel, where they are safe from search engines and passers-by.

By the time I had nachos and dips for lunch the Eliademy site had all the videos embedded, sized properly, and working.

I wrote a mail to the students pointing them to Its Learning, where they will receive instructions that will send them to Eliademy. I spent the rest of the afternoon assembling the downloadable Explorer’s Packs.

I left at 16:15, when Module 1 was completely ready for the start of the course on Monday.

Now I am home in the garden. Irma and Naa are shopping. I have been cleaning pollen from the terrace, where it was like a coat of sticky yellow flour.

I am looking at the gardening table which used to be where the terrace is now. The evening sun is throwing highlights on the wall. I can hear an ice-cream van in the distance. 

I am beginning to think it is now cold enough to justify going indoors.