Tuesday, June 16

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Home, 18:00


This morning the effects of the summer transport timetables began to kick in. I walked straight down to Alepa without thinking and I got the 95 bus. The metro was not a short train, but when I got to Sörnäinen the next tram was in 18 minutes time.

The number 8 is not running. Well it is, but it is not running through Sörnäinen at the moment. It is being diverted because of works on the line. The number 6 is running its summer schedule, which means half the number of trams per hour.

I got one of the buses instead.

I spent the morning working on the summer course. I finished it on Friday but by now almost forty people have enrolled and several members of staff have joined just to see how it works. I am therefore taking the extra time available to go through it all again and fine-tune it. Since, in an ideal world, I will have to do very little while it is running I am going through and making sure that all the signposting, and all the extra bits of information that might make you feel that I know what I am doing, are in place.

What has this assignment got to do with the videos that I just watched? Why, let me write you a few paragraphs explaining our thinking and making you feel that you are in safe hands.

Irma will be working late so I left at 15:00 to make sure that Sunshine was not left feeling lonely. He didn’t appear until 17:30 as he did yesterday. My guess is that he appears earlier when Irma arrives home at 16:30 because he hears the car and recognises the sound. Not hearing it, he feels that 17:30 is time for food.

He arrived home, ate some food, jumped onto Naa’s bed and fell asleep.

Now I am looking at the bedroom door. My finger is bleeding slightly. I stabbed it with a shard of glass.

When Sunshine arrived home I noticed that a vase had blown over and broken in the wind. When I went to pick up the pieces I noticed another glass vase had also fallen over and smashed. Both contained tall bluebells. This was not a coincidence.

Irma will arrive home and I will go to buy some milk. Naa will meet me by accident outside the shop and wait until the milk is purchased. We will go home together, her on her bike and me walking with milk.

Later I will have a shower.