Wednesday, June 17

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Arcada, 15:00


This morning was sunny. I walked to Alepa and then, once I was off the tram at Sörnäinen, I caught a bus to Arcada.

I spent the morning finishing off the last details of the summer course, which now has consistent typography throughout the downloadable Explorer’s Packs, and consistent explanations for the assignments.

At 14:00 I had just finished everything when Nathalie declared that we should all go downstairs for a glass of sparkling wine. It is the final graduation ceremony of the year, and so I went down and met some students and drank some wine. Idamaija has been accepted to an MA course at Aalto and will start in August. I make her promise to come to my doctoral defence.

Some people have left their empty, and half empty, glasses on the ledge by the stairs.

Upstairs again, I will begin tidying up, and backing up, and then at 16:15 I will leave for Kamppi where Ukki is celebrating his 88th birthday.