Friday, June 19

YEAR:  2015 | Tags:  | | |

Sandholmsudden, 11:20


We got to the midsummer market quite late, and met Janne. I also spoke with Hannah, Marina, and everyone we knew who was running a stall. Naa and I looked at the mobile bookstore and the new crazy golf. We both knew that Auo would have insisted on playing it, but neither of us did.

The market is neither full nor empty. The weather is still overcast and it is certainly not as full as I remember it. This may be me though, because in previous years we have arrived here one or two weeks earlier – or at least I have.

Afterwards Irma will have a coffee and we will both have some of Benita’s famous egg sandwiches. These will cause Irma to go back and buy some of Marita’s bread.

We will go tot the village shop and then drive back to do some gardening, and sit outside on the summer terrace. There will be a couple of hours in the afternoon in which I will sit outside feeling as though it is midsummer.

In the evening the weather will take a decisive turn for the wintery and to the extent that we celebrate midsummer we will do it indoors.