Saturday, June 20

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Sundö, 21:00


The plan was that Irma and Naa would leave tomorrow afternoon and I would stay here with Sunshine. I want to get ready for my doctoral defence by proofreading my thesis one last time; creating a new slide-show for my presentation; and remaking my website since it is conceivable it might have some visitors in September. In addition I absolutely have to mind the online summer course. At the very least I have to switch on the next module at midday on Monday.

One problem all weekend has been the fact that I cannot get any wifi signals at all. Naa and Irma can get wifi using phones powered by Elisa and Saunalahti. Neither Irma nor I can get any internet connections at all with our Sonera-powered devices. This could be because the islands are full of Sonera-powered holiday makers and the bandwidth is at its capacity. This, in turn, might mean that the problem will clear on Monday. Or it might not.

If the weather was tropical I might take the chance. However the weather today is so bleak again that even the cat won’t leave the garden. If it is not in the house then it has raced under one of the other buildings to sit there and watch us.

With nothing to do but sit indoors, well wrapped up, the weather serves to depress all three of us, and remind us that Auo is not here. The news that tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be hot does not cheer us up, since some or all of us will have to go back in the afternoon.

The weather breaks just long enough for Irma to barbecue some sausages, which we can eat outside. While doing this we decide that the sensible thing is to go back right now. Sunshine has refused to leave the house for the last few hours and so we will have no trouble finding him. If tomorrow is hot then he will be out of the house like a shot, and pandemonium will ensue.

He gets in the box as willingly as I have ever seen him.

Now we are at the ferry and, as if to confirm our decision, a sudden heavy mist drops over the area. We cannot see the ferry until it is about ten metres from the shore. We imagine the mist will only be around the sea but we will discover that it is covering the main highway from Porvoo to Helsinki too, and it will continue as far as Vuosaari.

I will have a shower, and we will all go straight to bed.