Wednesday, June 24

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Garden, 14:00


I got up late today, had breakfast and a shower, and let Sunshine in for a mid-morning snack. Then I checked on the summer course, and answered some emails that arrived in a burst once Arcada’s email connection was re-established. I had had no mail yesterday since the routine maintenance began at dawn.

At 13:00 I had a huge bowlful of Irma’s delicious chicken soup. The cat woke up, wanted lunch and then left into the weak sun.

Shortly afterwards I am sitting in the dark, listening to a huge clap of thunder and watching a torrential downpour. I open the door but Sunshine is hiding somewhere. I get back to proof-reading my thesis for what I promise myself is the last time.

At 14:30 the rain will stop, the sun will appear and Sunshine will trot in completely soaked. I will rub him down and wipe his paws and he will eat another large bowl of food. I will continue proof-reading.

Ten minutes later the room will be flooded with bright sunlight and the cat will insist on going out again. I will go out and sweep away stems and seeds. Then I will come back in and do some exercises for an hour.

When Irma arrives I will go for a long walk. I will decide to head for Itis where I will spend an hour exploring for the first time in months.

I will discover that Stockmann no longer sells electronics at all, and then I will meet John Fail. We will chat for some time about lots of stuff, Pixelache related and not; and promise to meet for a drink before summer is out. I will get home just as a thin drizzle turns to heavy rain again.

Later Naa will arrive home with a lot of unwanted tulip bulbs and Irma will be happy.