Saturday, June 27

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Olympic Stadium, 21:15


We got up at 12:34 and it was warm enough to eat brunch outside. 
Afterwards Irma and I drove to Prisma and then made an abortive attempt to buy peaches from Stockmann. The car park was so full that we drove in, drove around, and drove out.

When we hot home Irma made an early dinner of lamb and pasta and then drove Naa and I to Töölö. We stood in a 600 metre queue waiting to be allowed in to see One Direction.

Before Auo died I promised her that if One Direction ever performed in Finland we would go and see them. This was by way of keeping that promise.

By the time we got in we had missed the opening act, Isaac Elliott. Neither of us minded at all. Naa had got the tickets and the seats were excellent. We both thoroughly enjoyed the main support act, McBusted.

Now 1D are a quarter of the way through their act and, as the three twelve or thirteen year olds in front of me wave and sway in unison, it is impossible not to imagine being here with Auo. It is impossible not to realise that that is how it should have been.

When I can see the show I can get swept along by the spectacle. However, as soon as my view is blocked by teenage girls, and the spell is broken, I feel instantly gloomy and hollow.

Naa, I know, feels the same. As soon as the show finishes and we leave she will be overcome with anger and grief.

Irma will collect us and we will drive home as if from a funeral, which in a sense it was.