Wednesday, July 1

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Sandholmsudden, 16:50


I woke in the middle of the night to the sound of Sunshine jumping around. I then heard him at the bottom of the bed. He sounded like he was happily eating something. The earlier noises were probably the sound of him catching it, whatever it was.

I got up shortly after Naa had breakfast. I washed my hair and simulated a shower. The sun came out and I sat outside to dry.

I received the draft layout for the thesis with an invitation to read through it one final time.

After breakfast Irma and I will drive to Mona’s to get the keys for the market hut, and then drive there to set up the stall. Irma has it for the next six markets.

We then drove home and did some work in the garden. At 16:15 Naa left with Ann-Sofie in the big red van, and seconds later we left too. Now we have opened the hut to finish putting things out. In ten minutes time the market will open.

Hardly anyone will come. There is another event and most people appear to have gone there. The sun will be blazing hot, which will make everyone feel summery. I will sit in the stall and proofread the draft thesis. By the time the market closes I will have done it and mailed a revised version back to Hanna and Pia.

At the end I will help Ann-Sofie close her hut, and then drive the van out from the back. This is tricky and she had a slight accident, of the paint-scraping kind on the way in.

She, Naa, Ronja and Eili will leave in the van, and Irma and I will stop for a drink at Benita’s. Irma will sit chatting with Pirjo and Margit, and I will talk with Ville.

We will stay up late.