Friday, July 10

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Sundö, 14:45


Sunshine was like a baby in the night. From about 3:30 it wanted attention. It walked round my head and sat on my legs, and lay down next to me.

Naa came in about 7:30 because she had a premarket early start. I got up when she left and the cat went back to sleep on the bed.

The weather was cold and windy but I washed my hair and body anyway. I filled buckets of water, vacuum-cleaned, swept, and did other household tasks while my hair dried.

Now it is almost time for Naa to finish work. I have been thinking about the rowing we did in previous summers, Auo and me mainly, and I have come to look at the boats and the bay.

The idea of rowing on that sea under that sky does not excite me.

Not long after Naa arrives back the weather will change completely. The sky will clear, the wind will drop, and the temperature will rise a few degrees. The cat will notice this and shoot out of the house.

At 17:00 Naa and I will eat chilli frankfurters, new potatoes and a green salad. I will return an empty egg carton to Camilla and then we will sit back to wait for Irma.

At 19:45 Sunshine will arrive home, and at 20:10 Irma will drive off the ferry. We will all go to bed early.