Friday, july 17

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Falcon Road, Clapham Junction, 11:30


Since nobody has answered my messages I have a free day. I got up early and walked to the giant Asda to get something for breakfast. This is a 24 hour Asda, so it was guaranteed to be open.

I bought a pork pie, a Scotch egg, some mustard and some mango juice. I waited at the checkout for fifteen minutes while the woman in front of me disputed the price of a chicken. After ten minutes I was prepared to buy it for her just to move things along.

Now I am looking at Arding & Hobbs. Once this was a landmark department store. Now it is a dowdy branch of Debenhams. I will go in to look around and this will take less than ten minutes.

I will decide to explore north London and get the train and tube to Kings Cross. After wandering around to no particular end I will decide to go back. I will be at London Bridge by that point.

To my surprise you cannot get from London Bridge to Clapham Junction. I will decide to go to Wandsworth Common instead.

Wandsworth Common is very close to Clapham Junction, but only if you walk the right way out of the station. After an hour or so I will decide I have walked the wrong way. I will turn back but fail to do that properly.

My journey home will finally involve another tube ride and a walk from Clapham South. By the time I get back to the hotel I will have seen a lot more of north and south London than I originally intended.

I will watch television grumpily.