Saturday, July 18

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Battersea Rise, 18:30


This morning’s breakfast was a quiche from Asda. I then decided to explore the area and walked under the bridge and right down Falcon Road.

Then I went to the west end. I got the train to Victoria and queued for fifteen minutes to be let into the tube. The overcrowding was amazing, Bunter.

I walked down Tottenham Court Road from Warren Street and was surprised by how many shops are now coffee chains or Tesco locals. 

I walked down Charing Cross Road and was surprised to find that Foyles had moved. I went in and bought Mark Timlin’s The Guns of Brixton.

Eventually I got to Charing Cross station where I discovered that you can get to Clapham Junction, if you change at Waterloo. I did.

When I got back I decided to look up Steers on the web. 

Steers is a restaurant about 100 metres from the hotel and it I discovered that it got a reluctant three stars on TripAdvisor. I checked other local restaurants and now I am about to enter Dip & Flip, five minutes walk away.

I will have a dipping burger which will come with a pot of gravy to dip the burger in. I will also have squeezy cheesy fries.

I like the dipping business. It is messy but tasty. I baulk at the drinks though.

I opt out of the hard shake (an Oreo cookie shake with a large Jim Beam added) and completely ignore the pickleback. This is a large Jim Beam, to be drunk in one go like a shot, followed by a glass of pickle juice.

I have a normal beer instead.

I will spend the rest of the evening reading my new book. The Revolution bar on the corner will be lively. Five very drunk men and one very drink woman will sit outside my window shrieking with laughter in between trying and failing to have sex, and trying and suceeding to fall asleep in the middle of the street.

By the time I go to sleep the woman and one of the men will have left in a taxi, while the other men will be lying on the pavement asleep.