Tuesday, July 21

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Rohdinkuja, 09:40


Naa is supposed to be working on the farm today, so we are leaving in time to get the 10:45 ferry. The weather is summery, even if it is not as hot as London.

We will just make the ferry as Irma races round the last bend with the horn blaring. The ferry driver will reopen the barrier to let us on.

The day will get cloudier and colder as it goes on. It will still be warm enough to sit outside though at one point in the afternoon, and so we will.

Naa will return from work in the afternoon, retire to her hut, and fall asleep.

We will wake her to have fish from the market and potatoes from the farm for dinner.

By the time dinner is over it will feel like autumn. The wind will start, the cat will come racing in, and we will all go to bed early.