Wednesday, July 22

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Sundö, 22:00


After breakfast Irma suggested that we should take some old, unwanted stuff to the recycling centre in Borgå, so off we went.

Since we were there we went to Mikrokulma for some lamps, and to Lidl and Tokmanni for groceries.

On the way home we stopped at R. Nordmann. This is a tiny shop we pass every time we drive to Tirmo, and it is so perfectly arranged that it looks like the set of a rural soap opera set in the middle of last century. We went in it once previously and loved it, and this time we loved it again. Irma bought a few things just for the pleasure of buying them there.

When we got to the ferry the sky suddenly darkened and it began raining very heavily. Or we thought it did. When we looked more closely we realised that it was actually hailing.

We got soaked just running from the car to the house.

Then, just as suddenly, it stopped and the sky brightened.

Now Irma has suddenly decided that she must go swimming at least once this holiday, and so we are walking down to the beach in the late evening light.

She will swim for about fifteen minutes while claiming that the water is not cold at all. I will remain sceptical and on land.

I will also slip over on some moss and soak my back and left leg.

I may as well have gone swimming.