Monday, August 3

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Kivinportintie, 12:15


Today went somewhat awry. Neither Irma nor I slept much on the night, due to heat, snoring and related issues, so we both woke up at about 11:00.

Naa had got up early for her new job and was there at 6:40. I had not done the work I had intended to do before breakfast.

We had brunch outside because it felt like a summer day. Then I showered, and then I went for a walk to the sound of Jan & Dean’s greatest hits.

I have been through the woods and followed the 95 route down Kivinportintie. Now I am outside the church. I am looking up at the aerial mast, whose purpose I do not know. The sky is bright blue and I am hot.

In the afternoon I will send a pile of emails about my doctoral defence and Pixelache. I will then spend an hour and a half clearing old updates from my laptop. Every time I go to shutdown it will offer me the chance to update the system. Every time I will say yes, and wait. This will happen five times until, just as Naa arrives home, my laptop becomes up to date.

Irma will go shopping and arrive back with a really nice jacket.

I will clean the car in the evening because it is still sunny, and it feels like a nice thing to do.