Monday, August 10

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Itäkeskus, 13:00


Irma started work today. I got up shortly after she left at 8:30 and Naa got up at 10:00.

I vacuum-cleaned dead ants from various parts of the house, and then spent the rest of the morning wrapping up the online summer course. I set up the final feedback questionnare, and then downloaded all the final assignments and sent them to Erik. Finally I updated the Eliademy page.

I had a cup of tea sitting in the garden where the sun felt as hot as yesterday. I spent almost three hours picking redcurrants from the bushes behind the house. I was in the only part of the garden where the sun couldn’t reach. 

By the time Irma came home I had picked about half of them. I decided that was enough for today.

At 18:00 I went for a long walk to give Irma space to do her application form. I decided to find the end of the path I had been exploring. 

I walked to the start by the adult playground and walked all the way to Ring Road 1, about 500 metres from Itäkeskus. I walked down to Prisma and bought three packets of ant-fighting salt. 

On the way out I will see some firemen in full outfits doing something on the apartment block opposite. I will then walk all the way back.

I will arrive home at 21:06. 

Ten minutes later Naa will phone to say that she has been on her own at work and she has only just finished. Irma will collect her from the metro and, when they are both home, we will have some supper.