Wednesday, August 12

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Rohdinkuja, 12:30


Naa was working the early shift today, so I heard her leaving at 5:30. Irma went next and I got up just before 9:00.

I had a good morning almost finishing the slides for my thesis defence.

Now I am sitting in the garden having a cup of tea and looking at the hot summer sky.

I will spend most of the afternoon painting an undercoat on the three windows at the back of the house. Because of the slope of the ground it will prove very difficult to get a ladder into a useful position. I will learn new acrobatic skills as a side benefit.

After Naa arrives back from seeing Olivia I will go for a long walk. I will use two walking apps: one on my phone and one on my iPad. When I get back my phone will tell me I have walked 3.2 kilometres. My iPad will congratulate me on walking 7.1 kilometres.

I will not be sure that I believe either. In 40 minutes, walking at a very brisk pace (which I was) I should have walked something in between.

I will go to bed puzzling about this.